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Researchers on an expedition in Borneo have found a new and very tiny species of frog. Male adults of the new species, named Microhyla nepenthicola, grow to approximately one centimetre in length. Read about it here

Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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Jasmine Becket-Griffith (born June 4, 1979) is a freelance artist who specializes in fairy, fantasy, and gothic artwork. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas or wood and her designs appear on many lines of licensed merchandise, notably through the chain stores Hot Topic and collectibles through the Bradford Group including co-branded Disney projects. She [...]

Fish and Chips

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The natural world is about survival. Pike, one of deadlier predators of freshwater lakes, for whom small fish and frogs are a tasty morsel will attack their own too. Here is a jack pike caught on a lure, it was attacked by one of its own kind 20 yards out and was drawn to the [...]

The last Cuckoo?

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Is the Magic of hearing the Cuckoo in the English countryside going to be a thing of the past? Is the common cuckoo going the way of the Dodo? 51 species of Britains birds including the Cuckoo are facing extinction The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds announced this week. “The cuckoo and other [...]

Save Primates in Rain Forests

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Borneo Lowland Rain Forests are the richest rain forests in the world and rival the diversity of New Guinea and the Amazon. These forests are home to the world’s endangered orangutan. Unfortunately, these forests have been rapidly converted to oil palm plantations or commercially logged at unprecedented rates over the past ten years. In 1997-1998 [...]

Victoria Griffin

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Victoria Griffin…was born in March of 1972 to a Finnish mother and an American father. She was raised among the mountains of the southeastern United States and spent many childhood summers and holidays with her mother’s family in Finland. Mainly a self-taught artist, Victoria embarked upon her creative explorations at a very early age (occasionally [...]

Angels and Frogs

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Angels live in the Rain Forest too, on this great Tepui as these table top flat mountains are called an unique world of amphibians and frogs are known only to exist there. Angel Falls (indigenous name: Parakupa-vena or Kerepakupai merú which means the fall from the highest point, in Pemon language; Spanish: Salto Ángel) is [...]

Hug a Tree-They are your friends

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Myrea in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

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Many of my little friends whom I love to share my art live here in the jungle, they are helpless from the environment changes, are endangered  by deforestation and need protection

Bruce Parry Princes Rainforests Project

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Bruce Parry Princes Rainforests Project
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