” Passionate about the protection of the rainforests and all the creatures that share the Earth, Myrea Pettit the famous British artist and author renowned for her traditional Fairies, Flowers and Butterflies now launches ‘Frogs World’ “I have the ability through the interest in my work to create awareness to the importance of protection of the rain forests and the conservation of endangered species whose very existence depends upon the survival of their natural surroundings” “This site will be developed to encourage artists and illustrators to showcase their work for the cause of conservation and protection of the environment.” “I have seen the devastion of deforestation and I have also seen the beauty of the virgin natural Amazon Jungle and the wildlife on my travels. We are putting at serious risk the future of our children , increasing global warming with abundant carbon dioxide emissions and creating changes that we not be able to control, by allowing deforestation to continue.” Though still unfinished, ‘The Dodo’s Last Ball’ is a painting of mine that shows many extinct animals, it is a parody as it represents the impossible for the Dodo has only been extinct since the 17th century, relatively close in human history. However one has only to look at the speed of industrial change over the last 100 years to realise the Earth and its population is on course to major disasters unless some drastic measures take place soon and our children are taught new values for our existence. Visitors are invited to submit their art and their views and interests not just to support the action to Save the World’s Rain Forests but to save all species in every country, sea, and air where they may be endangered by climate change and the relentless and indiscriminate hunting by man, who might well be added to the endangered list if these serious environmental warning signs are not respected.

Forest Toad - Copyright Myrea Pettit

Forest Toad - Copyright Myrea Pettit

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