Princes Saves the Rainforest.

Princes Saves the Rainforest.

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Prince Charles described the internet as possibly “the most effective tool in history” as he gave a keynote speech at a Google Zeitgeist conference.

The heir to the throne said that, ultimately, the battle against climate change could only be won by every person on the planet making environmentally-conscious choices.

The Prince of Wales is also planning to stage an open-air green extravaganza, it was revealed.

Save The Rainforests

Save The Rainforests

Charles, who has warned that climate change is the greatest challenge facing man, is hoping to host the environmental event in 2010.

It is designed to rival Prince Albert’s Great Exhibition of 1851, London’s Evening Standard newspaper reported.

Hyde Park – where Charles’s great-great-great grandfather’s exhibition was held – is a possible venue

There is a proposal to hold an outdoor event which will focus on environmental issues and and sustainability.

“It’s being considered for 2010. It’s all in the very early stages.”

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