Bruce Parry’s Frog Message

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Endangered Species

Endangered Species

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fairy Charity

This painting in the series of environmental and conservational fairies from fairy artist Myrea Pettit.  The ever open arms of ‘Charity’ hug one of the worlds most colorful characters, the blue poison dart frog which is a relic species living in a few isolated patches of relic rainforest habitat and getting its name from the toxic secretions used by the indigenous tribes used to coat their blowpipe darts hunting for food. According to the Global Amphibian Assessment, around 28% of 234 known species of poison dart frogs are now threatened with extinction.
Fairy Charity extends to all living creatures creating awareness for the protection of the flora and fauna that we must save the Rainforests so these endangered creatures and many others may continue to florish and share our world and we humankind too will survive.
Incidentally Poison Dart Frogs are the true Jewels of the Rainforest, they are are probably some of the most amazing and brightly coloured rainforest animals. This colorful frog was not even discovered until 1968!

The Frogs and the Fairies

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Once upon a time in a far off land, a British colony at the tip of the Iberian peninsular called Gibraltar beneath the top of its prominent ‘Rock’ outcrop which is a famous landmark inhabited by Barbary Apes in an area of natural beauty among aged and rare trees is the Alameda Botanical Gardens. Nestling there are rare and wonderful insects, amphibious creatures and birds that rest as they migrate north or south depending of the time of year.

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