The last Cuckoo?

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Is the Magic of hearing the Cuckoo in the English countryside going to be a thing of the past? Is the common cuckoo going the way of the Dodo? 51 species of Britains birds including the Cuckoo are facing extinction The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds announced this week.



“The cuckoo and other birds that visit Britain in the summer have suffered population loss largely due to a decrease in food and water supply in sub-Saharan Africa, where many migrate from. The problem is difficulty in finding food. The Sahara desert is spreading and the birds are having a hard time flying out in good condition,” said Tim Webb of the RSPB, “There isn’t just one single problem, there are a host.”

“Everyone thinks these birds are always there, but they are struggling, if nothing changes we will see them disappear, the cuckoo population in Britain has declined 37 percent since 1994.

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