Angels and Frogs

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Angels live in the Rain Forest too, on this great Tepui as these table top flat mountains are called an unique world of amphibians and frogs are known only to exist there.

Angel Falls The world highest waterfall

Angel Falls The world highest waterfall

Angel Falls (indigenous name: Parakupa-vena or Kerepakupai merú which means the fall from the highest point, in Pemon language; Spanish: Salto Ángel) is the world’s highest waterfall, with a height of 979m (3,212ft) and a clear drop of 807m (2,647ft). It is located in the Canaima National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Canaima) , in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State, Venezuela.

The height of the falls is so great that before getting anywhere near the ground, the water is atomized by the strong winds and turned into mist. The mist can be felt a mile away. The base of the falls feeds into the Kerep River (alternately known as the Rio Gauya) which flows into the Churun River, a tributary of the Carrao River. Named after Jimmy Angel who discovered it when he flew past in 1933 and crash landed in 1937 on the top.

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